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The Crossings 

​FAA's Preschool Program provides an educational environment for children who are from 3-5 years of age. Our preschool curriculum is based on the Bible ABC program. This curriculum includes the development of auditory/oral speech and language skills, cognitive skills, self-help skills, gross and fine motor skills, and social skills, that emphasizes stories and characters of the Bible. We also educate the children on Pre-academic skills such as pre-reading and pre-math at this level. Learning through play, exploration, and discovery is encouraged. At this age, we also introduce our students to the Holy Bible as a guide for life skills.
The 3-year-olds preschool starts a curriculum like ABC Bible Curriculum, where they learn the alphabet through biblical characters and learn verbiage from the Holy Bible. Through continuous learning, the alphabet, numbers, shapes, sign language, English, and Spanish all are becoming more familiar to them!) They also start to learn how to introduce themselves in Spanish and Sign Language!

For additional questions, please call (636)-439-0056

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