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The Redeemers (1st-2nd Grade)
Teacher: Miss Hannah Gannon

1st Grade(The Redeemers 1)

- Curriculum: Building on the Rock

- Children start the Rosetta Stone Spanish program as well as start piano class.

- Teachers work heavily to ensure good handwriting technique and skills are enforced and shown. Handwriting is essential to success, and there is a strong emphasis on it here at FALCA.


2nd Grade(The Redeemers 2)

- Curriculum: Lifepac (Includes Bible, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, and Language Arts)

- Children are advancing in the Rosetta Stone Spanish program as well as piano class, learning individual notes and turning them into songs/melodies.

-Handwriting is still important/ practiced daily, for example writing our Bible verses and sight words for the week! Students keep a detailed planner, so they learn how to be organized/accountable for their work.

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